Moving related blog posts.

Based on our personal moving experiences and those of our clients we've highlighted below a few very helpful things to consider when preparing for moving day.

Don't arrange to move on closing day from one home to another if possible. This will help you avoid frustrations, delays and confusion of moving times.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you when moving on closing day is getting all packed up, picking up the keys from your lawyer and getting on your way only to arrive at your new home to find the sellers are still there moving their belongings from the home.  This happens. 

Another situation that can cause frustration is the delay in receiving the keys to your new home.  Many times the passing of the keys ( upon registering the deed transfer )  from the sellers' lawyer to your lawyer is delayed until late in the afternoon and sometimes as late as 6 pm.  You cannot move in before you have possession of the keys.  

There have also been many cases where you are all packed up and on the truck from the previous night ( because the moving company recommended this or they were all booked up for your actual closing/moving day).  Your belongings were sitting in storage all night and the next day you show up ready to move in on closing/moving day but the sellers are still moving out.  If you have a moving truck sitting there from 9 am in the morning until you get the keys, that can add up to one expensive move, since the movers are often paid by the hour.  

We recommend choosing a closing date that is not a Friday or at months end.  These days are so busy that you are pretty much guaranteed not to get the keys until late in the day.  If that is the case, plan accordingly.

Be cautious of discount movers.  There are many, many stories of angry consumers who have been held hostage by some unscrupulous moving companies.  We had a client who was forced to pay an extra $500.00 dollars to get their belongings removed from the moving truck after they had already agreed on a set price of $800.00 dollars.  The company promised a large truck with 3 men and on moving day showed up with 2 men and a smaller truck.  They had to take a second load.  Once the second load was loaded they said it took them a lot longer than expected and demanded the extra money to release their belongings.  This happens more often than we know.  The other problem is that when you try to complain about these companies, it is just one of many companies under the same umbrella with many complaints against them. 

You must be careful who you use and make sure that you ask around first before making a commitment to any moving company.  Get recommendations and testimonials from people who have had a positive experience with a moving company.  Considering that most of your furniture and personal belongings are going to be loaded onto the truck, you want to be sure this is a reputable company. This is why we would suggest that you may want to pay a little more for one of the larger companies who have great reputations for their service.  As you know with many things in life, "you get what you pay for".

Do a quick walk through your new home before you start moving your belongings in.  You may need to do a little clean up first so have a bunch of garbage bags, mops, brooms and cleaning supplies ready...just in case.  Moving day can be messy and the cleanest homes will get a bit dirty, especially during wet weather.  Hopefully the previous home owners are respectful and clean the home before they leave but don't expect it.  Better yet, hire a cleaning company to go in and do a thorough cleaning job before you move in. 

Change your locks on moving day.  This is highly suggested to ensure your family is safe in your new home. You never know who was living in the house previously and how many keys were cut over the years.  Often people will have extra keys being held by neighbours and family members that they forget to hand in on closing day.

Last Friday I attended 5th annual Green Living Show at the Direct Energy Centre with a good friend.  We arrived early - good thing - to exchange our old electronics for free admission.  My mission was to see what was new, exciting and relevant to real estate.

Aside from dozens of companies promoting alternative energy options ( Solar, Wind, Geo-Thermal etc. ) and sustainable renovations what I found really practical was the alternative to cardboard boxes when moving - sturdy reusable recycled plastic moving boxes.  Now this is brilliant!  I picked up information on two companies that rent these boxes, Frogbox ( ) and ( ).  They will deliver the boxes you need and pick them up after you are done.  You are responsible for packing and moving.   I haven't needed to use this service personally yet so let me know how it works out for those of you who decide to give it a try.

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