Located south of Danforth Ave and St Clair Ave from Kennedy Road in the west to Brimley Road in the east,south down to the Bluffs, the Cliffside neighbourhood is an nice comfortable family neighbourhood.

Real estate in Cliffside offers a variety of options. There are many affordable homes under $350,000 dollars and others along the Bluffs in the million dollar range. The northern pocket west of Midland has predominently bungalows and 2 storey homes. These are very affordable middle class neighbourhoods with good parks and schools.

South of Kingston Road you will find more 2 storey homes on lovely tree lined streets. The Chine Drive neighbourhood just east of Midland Ave is a gorgeous pocket of homes with many curved streets, ravines and valleys.  The lots are a bit wider here and offer lots of privacy with the canopy of trees that cover the streets. These homes are generally detached and in the $500,000 range and up. You may find some older bungalows that need to be fixed up for a little cheaper than that. 

On the other side of Midland Avenue is the Fishleigh/Cliffside neighbourhood where you will see more curved rolling streets and lots of post war brick bungalows and 2 storey brick homes. There are some rental buildings down at the bottom of Cliffside Drive that overlook the lake. Most of these bluffs neighbourhoods offer fabulous views of Lake Ontario


 The Cliffside Village area offers residents many things to do in the area. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and stores along Kingston Road to fulfill all of your shopping needs.

Bluffers Park is a beautiful public park at the bottom of Brimley Road. With it's location at the base of the Scarborough Bluffs, this park offers visitors many things to do. If you've never been there, you should put it on your list of things to do. Boating, swimming, hiking, exploring and sunbathing are a few of the things you can do there. The park offers visitors a sandy beach to relax or play on, many picnic areas and spectacular views of the Bluffs. There are many paths and walkways for you to explore. This a a great place to have a family get together or a picnic. There are also 2 restaurants, a couple of marinas and lots of parking.

There is an assortment of parks along the bluffs starting with Rosetta McCain Gardens where you will see a fabulous display of gardens and pathways along the edge of the bluffs. .


Scarborough Bluffs Park is located at the top of the Scarborough Bluffs at the bottom of Midland Ave and Undercliff Drive. It is a sprawling park all along the bluffs edge with fantastic views of Bluffers Park and Lake Ontario. If you walk east of the park along the top of the bluffs you will be directly behind the grounds of Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School and St Augustine's Seminary. At the north end of the park is the Scarborough Bluffs Tennis Club.


Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School is located at 100 Brimley Road South, south of Kingston Road. The school opened in 1973 and is located on a magnificent 45 acre site that overlooks the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario. With almost 1300 students, this school serves as one of the lower east end largest schools.

Cliffside Drive Public School is located at 27 East Haven Drive south of Kinston Road, 2 blocks west of Midland Ave. It was built in 1952 on the grounds of the old Cliffside Golf course. It has classes from Junior Kindergarden to grade 8. It is a small school with only 140 students.

Chine Drive Public School is located at 51 Chine Drive, one block east of Midland Ave, south of Kingston Road. Perched on the Scarborough Bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario this school offers students from J/K to Grade 8 an opportunity to learn and succeed. A small school with only 157 students was officially opened in 1957.

Catholic Schools

St. Agatha is located at 49 Cathedral Bluffs Drive, south of Kingston Road. It is a mid sized school of approximately 400 students, that opened in 1964. It has students from JK to grade 8.

St. Theresa Shrine is a junior kindergarden to grade 8 school that is located at 2665 Kingston Road. The doors to this school opened back in 1952

Imacculate Heart of Mary is located at 1010 Birchmount Road just north of Kingston Road. It is a smaller size school of approximately 235 styudents.

Cliffside Ravine Parkis located in the middle of the southern Cliffside neighbourhood just off of Cliffside Drive. This is a walking park with pathways through ravines. 

Midland Ravine Park is located just at the bend of Midland Ave as you head toward the bottom. This is a walking path through a ravine down to the bottom of Midland Ave. 


Scarborough GO Transit is just west of Midland Ave, one block south of St.Clair Ave E. on Reeve Ave.

T.T.C. service runs along Kingston Road and throughout the area for local residents as well as within some of the neighbourhoods on both the north and south sides of Kingston road.